The Power Scale/Contributing PointsEdit

Zyconians are at levels of such high intelligence that they have a Scale for their body, not a scale the defines their current weight, but their current power and what type of power is the strongest.

When starting off, the scale will be at 5, every Zyconian has 4 different powers within their body.

Speed, Strength, Durability and Elemental.

Strength: The true brute power of a Zyconian, when all points are contributed to Strength, their muscle mass doubles and their height is increased by 6 inches, making them into a giant tank of strength, the down side is they will be unable to use their Elemental powers, unable to move faster than 7MPH, and a low number of hits will cause them to take serious damage even with all that muscle. ( 350 pounds of force to one direct spot will cause pain and cell damage. )

Speed: The power within the Zyconian that in a sense, makes their body feel "lighter", when all points are contributed to speed, they can run at top speeds of 45MPH. While this can be a good advantage, they are incredibly weak and can be hurt easily. (max lifting power on each arm is only 30 max pounds with struggle. Max punching power is a small 100 pounds of force, this can be tripled if they punch while at top speed. If your timing is correct, hitting a Zyconian with all points to speed and no other abilities, you can bat them away with little to no effort. )

Durability: The power within a Zyconian that allows them to be very durable, and if all points are contributed to Durability, it will take more than too much to hurt them, yet they won't exactly be able to hurt YOU either, they're to slow, and to weak. (Shooting a Zyconian with a .50 cal while all points are to Durablity, it will take 3 shots in the same place to make a noticable wound, slow and weak Zyconians are the easiest to beat, you can literally just attack them as much as you want while they can't do much back, unless they have an Automated AI Weapon or partner.)

Elemental: The "Magical" power within a Zyconian, every Zyconian is born with Two elements that power them up and make them stronger, but then there's always two other elements that will drain, and hurt the Zyconian. If a Zyconian chooses to have more than 2 Elements to their disposal (Max is 4), this means that they have more Elements to attack with, but then there are more elements that will hurt them.

Scale Balance: It's always good for a Zyconian to have points contributed to each power, and not just one. Balancing out their points can be very beneficial.

Zyconians can contribute and take away points from any skill as much as they want outside of battle, but once they're inside of a fight, any changes that are made to their Power Scale will cost a hefty 33% of their total energy, which can be hard to gain back during a fight if the opponent knows what to use against you that will be affective. (Example: If a Zyconian wants to add or take away a point during a fight, it'll cost a third of their total power, in the end it's never worth doing during a fight.)

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