The Elements For ChoosingEdit

Fire. Water. Earth. Air/Wind. Steel/Metal. Lightning. Light. Dark. Ice. Life.


The Power Of Fire allows a Zyconian to have complete control over the element Fire, any sources of heat can power up a Zyconian with the Fire Power, using Lightning on a Zyconian will Super Charge them due to the immense heat within a bolt of  Lightning. Absolutely any form of Heat will strengthen a Zyconian, unless the temperature of the surface, or of the attack itself is at 32F or lower, that's when the drainage effect will kick it. Fire can not be selected if the Zyconian has Water, or Earth. The more heat a "Fire Zyconian" puts out, the weaker they will become. (Starting power storage for fire is a maximum of 7,500 total degrees F)

Fire beats Ice. Fire powers up Metal/Steel. Fire loses to Water.

The Fire Power can be "Strengthened" when used with Air/Wind (Can be used to spread the fire much easier.) or with Steel/Metal (Conductive weapons can be heated, yet water will instantly remove all Thermal Energy that was conducted.)


The Power Of Lightning allows a Zyconian to have control over bolts of lightning, fighting a Zyconian with the Lightning Power during a storm can be a very bad idea, "Lightning Zyconians" can allow clouds to strike down bolts of lightning, with each bolt shot costing 0.5% of their energy. They can allow Lightning to run through their body so upon hitting, or making contact with another being will cause them to be shocked or fried depending on the power of the bolts in the Zyconian.

(Will continue editing soon. 10/27/13)

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