The Zyconians started out just like every other race, as something very small and hardly evolved. When Zyconians were first created, they were small, beetle like creatures. But over millions of years they slowly got a humanoid body. The Zyconians lived on a planet that was undisturbed for a very long time, that is until an outside force found out about how quickly their evolution was speeding up, and their advancements. A superior race that runs the universe they live in named the Kunten (Zyconian for "Anti-Sentients"). Sent in a spy named "Revend". Over a few decades, Revend spent his time isolated completely from the rest of the Zyconians, using their technology and advancing it greatly to make himself a God, instead of using the technology for good, he used it to wipe out over 99% of the population. Revend was defeated by a Zyconian named Rythian, who was also doing the same thing as Revend, yet using the tech to help the Zyconians advance quicker. Rythian out-matched Revend and defeated him. Up until the present day, nothing of any real interest or importance can be stated.

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