The Alhizen's Evolution and HistoryEdit

The Alhizen's were always known for their magical abilites and their sheer strength, they have the ability to manipulate spiritual energy and use it as dangerous weapons. Era 1 Generation 1 Zyconian, Gyroginous (Jye-Rog-In-Auhs) was mainly focused on their inner self, and what one could accomplish without the use of technology or special equipment. Through his 5,000 year lifespan he meditated and found peace within himself. He spent centuries at a time meditating, at the age of 4,000 it had learned how to create "Ki" and use it as a weapon, yet it was not very efficient, as every time he had used just a tiny bit of Ki for an attack, it would lose all of it's strength and pass out. One of the very few cons of manipulating the Ki was it was incredibly deadly, better than any weapon the other 9 families had made during the time. When Gyroginous performed Mitosis, he named his newborn "Gyorgshin". Gyorgshin had developed Gyroginous's skills and made them 15% more efficient over 2,000 years of training and thinking. He had discovered how to "toss"/"throw" his Ki at his opponents. Yet making a ball bigger than 2inx2in took a lot out of him. Over the generations, the use of "Ki" was becoming more efficient and stronger. By Era 3, rapid-fire Ki was possible, yet the amount of calories required was enormus. Generation 4 Alhizen's will have the ability to use their Ki to enhance their abilities greatly using a single "Transformation", enhancing their abilites 3-fold for a short time.

Current Alhizen: Rythian Alhizen

Stats: Level 3.

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