Watchers look to be "Hooded" creatures. The clothing they wear look to be long trench coats. Watchers are 4-7 feet in height. They have blank, black/dark grey faces. They each have 15 fingers on each hand, and 8 toes on each foot. They are very slick and smooth and blend into shadows very well. They will always stay outside of a Zyconian's field of view, and will never get near them. Their usual hiding places are high ledges, in very dark corners, or hanging on ceilings. Because Zyconians are not big fans of the light, their houses are usually very dark, making it easier for the Watchers to stalk and watch them. They have shown no signs of negative activity (stealing, killing of pets, or killing the zyconian that lives in the house they stalk)===


Watchers are known for their speed and their ability to erase their presence from anyone, and any technology. They are always found in a Zyconian's house, they are fasinated by the Zyconians and secretly watch them undetected 24/7. Their goals are unknown. A strange part of them is no matter how carelessly they roam, their footsteps will never make a sound.

Neutral Zyconian Animals/HybridsEdit

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