Zyconia is a planet that is the seventh planet from it's blue sun. The planet is three times the size of Earth. From space, there is mostly pink-ish liquids (makes up 50% of the world's land mass), and green squares (200), these green squares being land that one Zyconian occupies, tiny islands. (Each about 1/3 the size of Texas.) 

Pink-Ish Water (Uroni)Edit

Uroni is the "Pink-ish Water" found on Zyconia, it tastes very blank, adding sugar to Uroni gives it a sort of tropical taste, although even with lots of sugar added, it's still pretty dull and blank.

Tiny Islands (Ginos)Edit

Each Zyconian has one Gino, when that Zyconian dies their "Child" will live on that Gino and improve it and so the cycle repeats. Even though it is very rare, a Zyconian may visit another Zyconian in search of help, because Zyconians love company (but not too much of it.) and are very nice, they will gladly help one another. 

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